As a Realtor, I wear many hats for my clients.  I have a “legal hat”, a “tax hat”, an “accounting hat”, a “title & escrow hat”, a “marketing hat”, a “market expert hat”, and a “negotiator hat”.

As an real estate Expert, I analyze current & past to determine your property’s value in today’ market.

You hire me to wear all these hats to develop and implement a professionally run campaign to sell your home.  I do this with careful planning and proven systems designed to achieve your goals.
I provide essential benefits to you including:
• Valuation Expertise
• Detailed Selling Plan
• Loyalty
• Trust
• Confidentiality
• Professionalism
• Expertise – Knowledge – Experience

Selling a home is a big decision with $Millions on the line.  My expertise is NOT ONLY in evaluating the correct price but ALSO to ensure that the complex process proceeds efficiently and without unnecessary expenses or delays.   A summary of my expertise includes:

• Educate you about the entire process
• Listen to your needs to understand clearly what you want
• Guide you through all of the paperwork
• Manage through any issues or questions that arise during the transaction
• Prepare forms, contracts and disclosures per legal requirements ensuring they are correct
• Advise regarding needed repairs
• Manage & guide you through escrow, title and close process
• Oversee the complex close process
• Advise regarding the use and limitations of earnest money deposits
• Advise you as to when you should seek the advice of an attorney
• Advise you regarding necessary any inspections such as septic, well, soil, roof, pool, etc.
• Prepare for final close including property walk through ensuring repairs or requirements are completed
• Advise regarding options should the buyer refuse to close the transaction
• Be your advocate and negotiate diligently on your behalf with the buyers, other agents, escrow/closing, title people and attorneys
• Earn your trust

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